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We have worked with, or are presently supporting customers in the Food, Janitorial and Maintenance areas.  We have also provided Consulting, Operations and Marketing work for some of the top companies in the food industry.



“ I met James Brown (or Jim) on my very first day in Kuwait city.  At the time Jim had been leading a small team of experts managing a project to supply and construct dining facilities and kitchen infrastructure to a war zone.  Jim was deployed in a senior role and performed his duties flawlessly. Responsible for executive liaison between the client, the team and a our local political (or government) sponsor in the region, Jim established and maintained organizational relationships between stakeholders that delivered results and made project execution simpler in an extremely hostile environment.  Jim became a personal role model for me and I learned and still retain many of the aspects of his resilient yet consultative (and somewhat humorous) management style today. 18-20 hour days were at the order of the day and looking back today I am amazed at the achievements that came about because of Jim’s actions. His ability to sift through client requirements and scopes of work and identify exactly what was needed to satisfy the request is proof of an expert at work. Jim knows how to make a plan, and to make the plan happen.”

Josua Pienaar FAIB

Professor & Deputy Dean (Learning & Teaching) School of Engineering & Technology

Central Queenland University, Sydney, Australia


"I was privileged to work with Jim during the challenging times represented in Iraq post Second Gulf War. Jim proved to be diligent, dedicated and knowledgeable in the delivery of corporate objectives. I would have no doubt that such skills will continue to be brought to his endeavors now and into the future."

Neil Cheadle

Managing Director

Global Bidding Solutions Ltd

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