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Ruvilla Solutions, LLC has the capability to provide a variety of services from stand alone, full contract management, to Consulting and Manpower support for companies or other contract management organizations.   We excel in providing quality manpower to discerning customers, in hard to find locations and environments.  We offer our services and contract in both the Commercial and Government arena.  We are skilled at putting together winning proposals for our own business ventures and for the customers in our Consulting portfolio.



Want to know how Contract Management companies operate and how contracting works?  With our history having worked for and with all the major providers, ARAMARK, Sodexo and The Compass Group we bring this expertise to the table.  Through this work history we have full service knowledge in Commercial and Government Manpower supply, Food Services and cafeterias, Fast Foods, Healthcare & Military dining,

Janitorial & Housekeeping Supply


We remain on the forefront of sustainability, innovation and customer service with a unique ability to measure various aspects of service performance to contract.  We perform rigorous quality assurance that includes self-inspections, web-based dashboards, client business reviews and customized KPI’s. You will be confident that our Team is well-versed in contracting regulations under the CFR and FAR.

Food Support & Services 


Our core business and contracts fall in the area of food support and services.  We purchase the products required, source and hire the associates needed, schedule, plan and fully operate services to "exceed" the expectations, specifications and requirements of the contracts.  We contract in both the Commercial and Government sectors

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